Getting the most out of divorce mediation

Getting the most out of divorce mediation

Maryland couples considering divorce are often turning to mediation. Couples must understand a few key factors in order to be successful with this process.

What mediation is and is not

Mediation is when neutral divorce mediators meet with both spouses to reach a divorce settlement in the most amicable way possible. Mediation is not a form of marriage counseling. By the time couples make it to mediation, their marriages are presumably over.

Most of the discussion time will be spent talking about how to move forward with dividing assets and parenting time. The mediator is there to make sure this happens cordially and that the decisions are in everyone’s best interest.

It is easy for emotions to run high during a divorce, but it is a good idea to keep them in check during mediation. Remember, this is not the time to bring up the issues that caused the marriage to fail. It is the time to work together to agree on how you go about your separate futures.

Tips for successful mediation

The mediator will ask many questions to get an idea of what you and your spouse agree or disagree upon and why. To best take advantage of this process, mediation and collaborative law experts recommend that participants:

  • Listen carefully to questions before answering
  • Do not attack the other spouse
  • Give reasons for their actions
  • Take a break when emotions run high
  • Be open and share relevant information

Keep the future in mind

Your marriage is ending, but you may still have a relationship with your ex-spouse in the future. You may be selling your home together, working in a shared business or even raising a child together. It is a good idea to remain as cordial as possible during mediation proceedings.