What are the advantages of mediation?

What are the advantages of mediation?

Mediation offers a lot of benefits when you’re going through a divorce and are trying to negotiate the division of assets or child custody in Maryland. A mediator meets with both spouses to settle disputes and allows the couple to have more control of the process instead of allowing a judge to make the decisions. The process is confidential and doesn’t have the same potential publicity of court proceedings.

Mediation is also voluntary and comes with reduced costs, making it a lot more affordable than traditional litigation to ensure both parties can save more money to reach a settlement. It can also lead to a faster outcome instead of going through the courts. The support from the trained mediator can make the process easier to navigate as well.

How to prepare for mediation

If you’re preparing for mediation, consider what’s most important for you to dispute and consider your spouse’s point of view. Avoid attending the meeting with bottom lines that don’t allow you to be open to negotiating. It’s also important to consider what will occur if your efforts fail for settling outside of court.

For the best outcome, participate honestly and with respect. Remain open to new ideas for resolution and also work to understand the other spouse’s wishes even if you don’t necessarily agree. Gather any types of information you need to use when addressing specific issues during the mediation.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you want to pursue mediation after filing for divorce, contact an attorney who can assist you with the process and help you take the necessary steps. They can inform you of your rights and will work hard to help make the outcome work in your favor after reviewing the details of the case.