Why should you consider mediation for co-parenting?

Why should you consider mediation for co-parenting?

Maryland couples who are going through a divorce have a couple of different options when it comes to deciding their co-parenting agreement. Many people falsely believe that a judge must decide the custody arrangements. However, that’s not the case. Rather, parents may want to consider mediation to determine their co-parenting schedule. This approach offers many benefits.

A working relationship

When you undergo a divorce, mediation and collaborative law can allow you and your former spouse to develop a working relationship in which you can parent your children. Mediation is a great way for parents to express their concerns and work through their tough emotions with the help of a skilled mediator. When custody battles are left up to the judge, parents don’t typically create a working relationship.

It’s more informal

The courtroom can be a scary place for everyone. Fortunately, mediation can offer a more relaxed environment where parents can talk to each other in an open fashion. This can allow both parents to express their concerns and wishes regarding the custody schedule of their child.

It tends to be less stressful

Since mediation is all about the idea of working together to come up with a solution for your child custody agreement, there are no defined winners and losers like in a courtroom. Both parents can enter into mediation with the simple goal of formulating a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of their child. Custody is no longer a game but a goal that you’re both working toward.

Mediation is a great option for parents who want to ensure the best outcome for their children. This process is much less informal than courtroom battles and tends to be less stressful for everyone involved. If you think that mediation may be the right choice for you, it’s advisable to speak with your attorney about agreeing to the process.