Do text messages ever come up in mediation?

Do text messages ever come up in mediation?

When you get divorced in Maryland, almost nothing is off-limits. You or your estranged spouse could bring up text messages during the meditation process to prove a point or show that the other party was at fault. For this reason, be careful about what you text or place on social media.

How can you use text messages during mediation?

If you want to avoid a lengthy divorce, mediation and collaborative law allows you to negotiate your divorce through the process of mediation. Through this process, a third party will help you and your estranged spouse come to an agreement.

During this time, you might have text messages from your estranged spouse that might bolster your case. For example, you might have messages that imply that your spouse is an unfit parent or deliberately hid assets from you. However, a message that you sent a friend won’t necessarily cut it. You might need text messages sent directly from your former spouse to make your case.

On the other hand, your estranged spouse could use your own messages against you. For example, if you claim that you had custody of your child one day, your spouse could use your text messages to prove that the opposite is true. For this reason, you should be careful about what you tell your estranged spouse or any other individual. Even text messages from months ago might be used against you.

How do you find relevant text messages?

Your attorney could help you find relevant text messages that might help your case. The judge probably won’t want to scroll through hundreds of texts, so you’ll need to narrow it down to the most relevant ones. You can’t use just any text messages in your case–you’ll need to find messages that make a point or prove that you were telling the truth.