Mediation can make divorce a smoother process

Mediation can make divorce a smoother process

The rate of couples divorcing continues to go up, but typical divorce does not have to be the route for these pairs. Couples in Maryland should know about non-traditional pathways to divorce. In some cases, options like mediation can make the process quicker and smoother than it otherwise would be.

So-called “weekend” divorce

A lot of the people who have been filing for divorce over the past year are young. These couples have been married for less than a decade. They don’t have much to divide when compared to people in middle age. For these people, a shortcut can be very valuable in allowing them to move on without wasting lots of time and money.

Mediation and collaborative law can be a great alternative for couples like these. In mediation, people reach their own agreement with a little help from a third party. The judge then signs off on the document. For people who are still willing to talk and to problem solve together, mediation can be preferable to a more adversarial court proceeding.

While the mediation approach saves time, it does take longer than a weekend for all the details to be worked out and agreed upon. However, the description of a “weekend” really resonates with people who are ready for their marriages to be over. The two days symbolize the savings that can come when people decide to try something a little different.

If you are interested in a “weekend divorce,” it’s important to contact an experienced attorney. Some firms have decades of combined experience helping navigate divorce. This kind of background can be invaluable for young people who don’t know much about the legal system or what to expect in a divorce.