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Is it time to redo your estate strategy?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Estate Administration & Probate, Estate Planning |

Estate administration in Maryland shouldn’t be prepared for just once in life. Everyone’s life is full of adventures and changes. What you had ten years ago differs from your possessions today. There are specific instances in which replanning an estate makes sense. No matter what your motivator is, speaking with an attorney is how you uncover all of your options and rights.


An estate strategy not only needs to define and itemize marital possessions but, considering estate administration, you must anticipate how your assets will be divided. The separate property you have gets accounted for differently after you wed someone. You need to examine your estate plan before marriage as well. Waiting for a divorce before you plan will be financially challenging.


Beneficiaries, being those who receive assets from your estate, are pivotal to have when you’re estate planning. Essentially, your assets fall under a judge’s discretion if you haven’t named anyone to receive them. Be sure to replan your estate strategy when you have children. Include them in your estate plan, and provide for their future medical needs if necessary.


After a divorce, your financial portfolio needs to be adjusted for what you’ve gained or lost. Your estate cannot legally account for assets that no longer belong to it. This is important because your wishes in a will or trust might also become invalid. You can’t, for example, give a car to your child if your spouse received it during a divorce.

Estate administration in Maryland

Making the most of your estate strategy calls for you to revisit your financial portfolio. Accounting for the assets or debts you have is a lifetime practice. For each time you re-evaluate your finances, you’ll find ways to prepare for wealth, retirement and your passing.