An Employment Law Attorney With An Insider’s Perspective

Before becoming an attorney and starting my own practice, Griffin Selby Law PLLC, I worked for many years as a human resources professional. I have personally seen how the dynamic between employers and employees impacts everything from workplace morale to productivity to legal liability.

With this unique perspective, I am ideally suited to help employees assert their rights through litigation against harassment, discrimination and other employment matters. I am also able to advise employers on preventing the very problems that lead to litigation and poor outcomes for workers and companies alike.

Representing Employees In Litigated Matters

A big part of our daily lives is wrapped up in our jobs. They are a much-needed paycheck, but they are also a sense of purpose and identity. Unfortunately, the stress of a toxic work environment doesn’t just stay at work. It negatively impacts all other aspects of an employee’s life and sometimes forces him or her out of the job entirely.

I am proud to represent men and women who have been victims of mistreatment and illegal actions in the workplace. I am ready to help you seek compensation and justice if you have been the victim of:

  • Discrimination based on protected characteristics (under state and federal law)
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violations of wage-and-hour laws, including disputes about overtime pay, employee classification, etc.

Taking legal action against a current or former employer can be scary. But with the American economy in regular turmoil, simply finding another job isn’t always an option. Moreover, failing to hold your employer accountable may very well lead to other workers facing similar harm.

I do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable with the process, including maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion prior to filing for litigation.

Helping Businesses With Compliance And Legal Protection

As a former human resources professional, I have extensive knowledge of and firsthand experience with many of the issues that can expose companies to legal liability, destroy employee morale and generally make the workplace far less productive.

In addition to representing employees in litigation, I also help companies and employers:

  • Maintain compliance with state and federal employment laws
  • Create policies to prevent discrimination and harassment
  • Evaluate and audit payroll procedures to ensure that employees are being paid fairly and legally
  • Writing employment contracts, including noncompete and nondisclosure agreements
  • Writing and negotiating severance agreements

Discuss Your Legal Matter With Me Today

Whether you are an employee or an employer, Griffin Selby Law PLLC is ready to help you resolve (or prevent) your employment law issue. To arrange your initial consultation, call me at 202-844-5753 or click on the “Schedule An Appointment” button at the top of the page.