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A Will Is A Powerful Document. Is Yours Up To Date?

Creating or updating a will may be the most important legal action you take in your lifetime. At a modest expense, you can protect valuable assets and make things much easier for your family someday. Ironically, the primary benefit of a well-crafted will eventually go to someone else, such as your next of kin or favorite charities. At the same time, you can also enjoy valuable peace of mind.

Do you have doubts and questions about what a will can do or when you should create or update yours? At Griffin Selby Law PLLC, initial consultations are free. An insightful conversation with me, attorney Karen M. Selby, can give you clear direction.

Some Fundamental Aspects Of Wills In Maryland

According to the Office of the Register of Wills of Maryland, a will is a “legal declaration of a parent’s intentions and desires” regarding “how you want your property distributed after death.” This agency also enumerates other things that can be in your will, including:

  • The designation of a personal representative (sometimes called an executor) who will be responsible to administer your will
  • Charitable bequests
  • Your choice of a guardian for your minor children in case both parents lose their lives before the children are grown
  • One or more trusts that can be built into the will

If you die without a will and with no surviving spouse, your family will face extra steps and expenses. State laws will determine who inherits your assets. A court may choose a guardian for your children with no record of your say in the matter. If no family members who qualify as heirs survive you, your assets will go to the state. Most people who learn the basics about wills, property and inheritances come to understand the importance of a will for protecting a family home and other key assets.

There Is No Time Like The Present To Take Steps To Protect Your Assets

Anyone with assets and people or causes they care about is advised to have a will. Get answers to your questions about estate planning from Griffin Selby Law PLLC. Create or update your will as the foundation of your estate plan.

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